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September 23, 2018 posted by Nichole

Blog Tour Sign Ups: Shattered Sky (Lunar Cycle #2) by David Colby


Debris Dreams

The year: 2067

The place: Sun-Earth Lagrange Point L1, 1.5 million kilometers above the surface of the Earth.

The objective: Survive.

Sixteen-year-old Drusilla Zhao lives in the Hub, a space station used by the Chinese-American Alliance as a base to exploit Luna’s resources. Desperate to break free of the Alliance, a terrorist group from the Moon destroys the space elevator, space’s highway to Earth. In a flash, Dru’s parents are dead and she is cut off from her girlfriend Sarah on Earth.

The Alliance declares war against the Moon, conscripting Dru and all the youth of the Hub. Dru is forced to become a soldier fighting in the lethal vacuum of space. Can Dru survive lunar terrorist attacks and find her way home to Sarah?

Shattered Sky (Lunar Cycle #2) by David Colby

Publisher: Thinking Ink Press

Publishers Weekly calls Lunar Cycle Book 1 “Appealingly reminiscent of an updated Heinlein juvenile, it’s a story of wartime bravery, principles, and self-sacrifice.”

The  year:  2068

The  place:  The  war-torn  and  ecologically  devastated  Earth.

The  objective:  Survive.

Sixteen-year-old  Drusilla  Zhao  has  done  the  impossible  and  escaped  the  meat  grinder  of  space  warfare  alive.  Now  she  and  her  only  remaining  comrade,  Jillian,  are  about  to  be  rotated  right  back  into  the  firing  line,  and  away  from  Dru’s  love,  Sarah.


About the Author:

David Colby is the author of the sci-fi novels Debris Dreams and Shattered Sky. A fan of old school sci-fi and tabletop roleplaying games, Colby started writing almost fifteen years ago. It went poorly. But despite these early setbacks, he continued to work and write and send out submissions until someone was mad enough to accept him. Currently living in Sunnyvale, California, David’s day job involves leaping in front of cars for fun and profit (he’s a crossing guard).





About the Tour:

We are scheduling a tour for Shattered Sky (Lunar Cycle #2) by David Colby. The tour is scheduled from October 23rd through November 12th. A maximum of 30 tour hosts may participate in this event. Bloggers may participate through reviews of either book,  author interviews, guest posts, or spotlight posts.


Note: BOTH Debris Dreams and Shattered Sky are available to review for this tour!


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