Trailer Reveal Sign Ups:  Running on Empty by Collette Ballard
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April 9, 2014 posted by Nichole

Trailer Reveal Sign Ups: Running on Empty by Collette Ballard

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Running on Empty

Running on  Empty by Collette Ballard

Published by Tulip Teen/Spencer Hill Press

Published May 6th, 2014

Genres: YA Contemporary/Thriller


What does it feel like when you die—in those final moments? Do you feel the physical pain, or just the pain of your regrets? What does it feel like when you realize you can’t answer these questions because you’re not the victim?

You’re the killer.

River Daniels lives an ordinary life as a high school junior growing up in the confines of rural Texas until her boyfriend’s brutal attack leaves her both a murderer and a fugitive. When River’s closest girlfriends come to her aid, they make a hasty decision to not only help her, but leave their own troubled lives behind and join in her escape.

The girls manage to elude police for months, but with every near-miss, River’s life spirals further out of control, until she finally hits rock bottom. Realizing she must stop endangering her friends and find evidence proving she acted in self-defense, the girls decide to make a risky move. River must face her ugly past and the one person she was protecting the night her world caved in, the guy she has loved for as long as she can remember.


About the Author:

Colette Ballard

Colette grew up on a dairy farm in rural Kentucky. She survived the high school experience back in the day when Aqua Net was bought in bulk and mullets were cool. That’s also when she realized that her constant daydreaming wasn’t a curse, but a useful skill—one she used like a lethal weapon to combat her frustration over the haunting question: What does the alphabet have to do with math anyway? Unfortunately, her ninja daydreaming skills only increased her desire to write—not her algebra grade.
After surviving the hairstyles and torturous math classes of her high school years, she wandered a bit—even moving to the farthest northwestern corner of the United States, then to the farthest southeastern corner. She finally settled in the one red-light town she started in, where she continues to live today with her husband and three children.


The Tour:

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We are scheduling a trailer reveal for Running on Empty by Collette Ballard for April 21st, 2014. Tour kits will be sent out to tour hosts on April 18th.

*note to tour hosts* Trailer reveals do not have to be your top post of the day.


Book Blitz Sign Ups: Revelation by Randi Cooley Wilson
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April 8, 2014 posted by Nichole

Book Blitz Sign Ups: Revelation by Randi Cooley Wilson

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unnamedRevelation, (The Revelation Series, Volume One)

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Published: May 1st, 2014


Eve Collins starts her freshman year at college blissfully unaware that one revelation will challenge everything she’s believed to be true about her family, life, and future, and right in the midst of it all is Asher St. Michael.

Mysterious and aloof, Asher is appointed to protect Eve at all costs. Bound by his oath of loyalty to mankind, loving her is forbidden.

Dark and enigmatic, Gage Gallagher may be even more dangerous to Eve than the demonic army that hunts her.

Caught in the middle of a centuries old war, Eve must choose sides knowing that the wrong choice will cost more than just her life.

Can Asher and Eve fulfill their destinies or will their love destroy everything?

Revelation is a journey of self-discovery, love, and sacrifice.

This is volume one of a series.


About the Author:

Randi Cooley Wilson

Randi was born and raised in Massachusetts where she attended Bridgewater State University and graduated with a degree in Communication Studies. After graduation she moved to California where she lived happily bathed in sunshine and warm weather for fifteen years.
Randi and her husband recently moved back to Massachusetts with their daughter where she was encouraged to begin writing again.
Revelation is her first novel and The Revelations Series is her first New Adult Paranormal Romance book series.
“I’ve had a love affair with books, writing and storytelling since childhood. It has been a dream of mine to introduce this world and these characters to you. I hope I’ve done them justice.”
Randi loves to hear from readers, you can reach out to her via Twitter: R_CooleyWilson and/or Facebook: authorrandicooleywilson


The Tour:

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We are scheduling a Book Blitz for Revelation by Randi Cooley Wilson. The Blitz will take place from May 15th through May 16th; May 19th through May 23rd. Tour kits will be sent to tour hosts on May 10th.


*Note to tour hosts* Book Blitz’s do not have to be your top post of the day.



Trailer Reveal Sign Ups: Losing Logan by Sherry D. Ficklin
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April 3, 2014 posted by Nichole

Trailer Reveal Sign Ups: Losing Logan by Sherry D. Ficklin

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Losing_Logan_Ebook1-200x300Losing Logan by Sherry D. Ficklin

Release Date: May 6th, 2014

Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing

Genre: YA Paranormal

Losing Logan Releases May 6, 2014 from Clean Teen Publishing

What if the one thing you never meant to hold on to, was the one thing you couldn’t let go of?

Normally finding a hot guy in her bedroom wouldn’t irritate Zoe so badly, but finding her childhood friend Logan there is a big problem. Mostly because he’s dead.
As the only person he can make contact with, he talks Zoe into helping him put together the pieces surrounding his mysterious death so he can move on. Thrust into his world of ultra popular rich kids, Zoe is out of her element and caught in the cross-hairs of Logan’s suspicious ex-girlfriend and the friends he left behind, each of whom had a reason to want him dead. The deeper they dig to find the truth, the closer Zoe gets to a killer who would do anything to protect his secrets. And that’s just the start of her problems because Zoe is falling for a dead guy.


About the Author:


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Sherry D. Ficklin is a full time writer from Colorado where she lives with her husband, four kids, two dogs, and a fluctuating number of chickens and house guests. A former military brat, she loves to travel and meet new people. She can often be found browsing her local bookstore with a large white hot chocolate in one hand and a towering stack of books in the other. That is, unless she’s on deadline at which time she, like the Loch Ness monster, is only seen in blurry photographs.


The Tour:

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We are scheduling a trailer reveal for Losing Logan by Sherry D. Ficklin for April 14th, 2014. Tour kits will be sent out to tour hosts on April 11th.

*note to tour hosts* Trailer reveals do not have to be your top post of the day.


Blog Tour: Still at Your Door: A Fictional Memoir by Emma Eden Ramos
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March 24, 2014 posted by Nichole

Blog Tour: Still at Your Door: A Fictional Memoir by Emma Eden Ramos

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still at your door blog tour bannerStill at Your Door: A Fictional Memoir by Emma Eden Ramos

Genre: YA/Contemporary

Publisher: Writers AMuse Me Publishing

Published: February 22nd, 2014


YA — Sabrina “Bri” Gibbons has only a few short minutes to pack her things and help her sisters pack theirs before running with their mother to the bus that will whisk them away from Butler, Pennsylvania, an abusive relationship, and a secret that none of them wish to acknowledge. She was not prepared, though, for her mother to drop them on the streets of New York with the promise that she would be right back. Haunted by the sight of her mother running back to the cab, Bri, with Missy and Grace in tow, settles in with their grandparents. Thoughts of her present and her future collide with memories of her past, her dead father, and her mother’s bizarre episodes. She watches her sisters struggle with school and acceptance, all the while knowing the lack of any sense of security will make it impossible for them to carry on as ‘normal’ children. She finally lets her guard down enough to allow someone else in and sees a faint glimmer that her dreams might be attainable. Disaster strikes again, this time targeting her sister. Is it possible for Bri to find that balance between her dreams and her family’s realities?


About the Author:

Emma Eden Ramos

Emma Eden Ramos is a writer and student from New York City. Her middle grade novella, The Realm of the Lost, was recently published by MuseItUp Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in Stories for Children Magazine, The Storyteller Tymes, BlazeVOX Journal, and other journals. Ramos’ novelette, Where the Children Play, is included in Resilience: Stories, Poems, Essays, Words for LGBT Teens, edited by Eric Nguyen. Three Women: A Poetic Triptych and Selected Poems (Heavy Hands Ink, 2011), Ramos’ first poetry chapbook, was shortlisted for the 2011 Independent Literary Award in Poetry. Emma studies psychology at Marymount Manhattan College. When she isn’t writing or studying, Emma can usually be found drinking green tea and reading on her kindle.



Twitter: emmaedenramos




The Tour:

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Book Blitz Sign Ups: Love You to Death by Melissa March
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March 24, 2014 posted by Nichole

Book Blitz Sign Ups: Love You to Death by Melissa March

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Love You to Death by Melissa March

Genre: New Adult

Published March 26th, 2014

Publisher: Fire and Ice an imprint of Melange Books

Seventeen year-old Arden Elliot is alone, barely surviving life on the streets. All she wants is a place to call home, somewhere she can be safe. After meeting Det. Cass Bateman, surviving is exactly what she will need to do. He dominates her world, steals her spirit and breaks her body. All in the name of love. She knows if she stays, one day he will love her to death. On the run she meets Gideon, a Kentucky cowboy. She tries to resist the power of her heart, knowing she doesn’t have the luxury of falling in love, but just when she thinks her life is finally secure, her past comes calling. Now she will have to decide whether to confess everything to her new family or leave them safely behind to run again.


About the Author:

Melissa March

Melissa March grew up in a small town, spending the majority of her time in her room chain reading books until her eyes blurred or hammering out the next great American novel on her typewriter.

Now, she lives in another small town in Pennsylvania with her husband and young son.

Between the housewife gig, the toddler taxi service, getting her website tweaked and trying to be all writery on it, she is usually nose deep in a book or up to her elbows at the keyboard. (Some things don’t change.) Her favorite way to spend time is with her family.


The Tour:

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We are organizing a book blitz for Love You to Death by Melissa March. The blitz will take place from April 14th through April 20th. Promo material and giveaway info will be sent to tour hosts on April 11th.

*Note to tour hosts: Book Blitz’s do not have to be your top post of the day*