Book Blitz Sign Ups: Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon
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December 4, 2013 posted by Nichole

Book Blitz Sign Ups: Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon

unnamed (3)


unnamedTitle: Must Love Otters

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Humor/Contemporary/Romantic Comedy 

Publisher: West 26th Street Press, NYC (a division of Writers House)

Published: October 29th, 2013


SUMMARY:Hollie Porter is the chairwoman of Generation Disillusioned: at twenty-five years old, she’s saddled with a job she hates, a boyfriend who’s all wrong for her, and a vexing inability to say no. She’s already near her breaking point, so when one caller too many kicks the bucket during Hollie’s 911 shift, she cashes in the Sweethearts’ Spa & Stay gift certificate from her dad and heads to Revelation Cove, British Columbia. One caveat: she’s going solo. Any sweethearts will have to be found on site.Hollie hopes to find her beloved otters in the wilds of the Great White North, but instead she’s providing comic relief for staff and guests alike. Even Concierge Ryan, a former NHL star with bad knees and broken dreams, can’t stop her from stumbling from one (mis)adventure to another. Just when Hollie starts to think that a change of venue doesn’t mean a change in circumstances, the island works its charm and she starts to think she might have found the rejuvenation she so desperately desires. But then an uninvited guest crashes the party, forcing her to step out of the discomfort zone where she dwells and save the day … and maybe even herself in the process.
About the Author:
unnamed (1)Eliza Gordon is a husband-and-wife team of controlled chaos who writes romantic comedies and silly stories for hearts that haven’t given up on the possibility of a Happily Ever After.
The Tour:
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We are organizing a Book Blitz for Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon. The Blitz will run from December 19th through December 24th. Promo material will be sent to tour hosts. There will also be a shared rafflecopter for an ebook giveaway that tour hosts may feature with their posts.

An email with all the final Blitz material and information will be sent out on November 16th.

Note to tour hosts: Book Blitz’s do not have to be your top post of the day*



Review Tour: The Honor Trilogy by J.P. Grider
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December 4, 2013 posted by Nichole

Review Tour: The Honor Trilogy by J.P. Grider



17616651A Touch of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #1)

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal

Publisher: Fated Hearts Publishing

Published: March 13th, 2013

Honor hurts…all the time. The doctors say she’s fine – it’s all in her head. But Honor feels pain. What she doesn’t know is…it’s not her pain– it’s everyone else’s.
Seventeen year-old Honor Stevens is not an ordinary teenager. Sure, she looks like one on the outside…but on the inside, there’s a whole world of pain going on. Honor is an empath. That means she can feel other people’s pain – like that of the girl who is about to be raped in the woods, or the girl who is dying of cancer, or her mom…who is suffering a heart attack. What she doesn’t know is what Ethan Sutherland comes to town to tell her – she can save these people. But at what cost? For every life Honor saves, she knocks years off her own.
When Ethan comes looking for her, he isn’t counting on falling in love. Now that he has, he wishes he hadn’t told her about her abilities. Though he tries his best to talk her out of saving every soul, Ethan loses the battle – Honor’s too nice for her own good.
Then there’s the matter of Ethan’s estranged, morally corrupt half-brother, Storm – he loves Honor too. And because Honor is intrinsically empathic, she’s aware of Storm’s softer side and begins falling for him as well.
When the two brothers are forced to work together against a group of evil empaths who are after Honor, they need to put their differences aside and focus on saving the one girl they both love.
A Touch of Honor is a paranormal love story of a different kind. In a world gone mad with vampires and werewolves, A Touch of Honor tugs at the heartstrings with a girl out to heal the world…one person at a time.


18472457A Man of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #2)

Genres: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal

Publisher: Fated Hearts Publishing

Published: September 5th, 2013

The second book in The Honor Trilogy finds Storm contending with his feelings for his brother’s girlfriend, while formulating a plan to finish off the evil empath out for Honor’s blood, once and for all.

Storm Sutherland is still trying to ignore the fact that he’s fallen for Honor Stevens. And now that she’s gone and brought him back to life, it’s even more difficult to get her out of his mind. With Ethan and Honor still going strong, Storm battles between his impulses to win her heart, regardless of his brother’s feelings, or walk away, leaving the only girl who’d ever breathed life into him.

But before he walks away, he must find a way to stop the man who is out for Honor’s blood, the result of a two-hundred year old vengeance against her grandfather that Honor must pay.

Will Storm come up with a plan to end this war before she pays the price?


unnamed (1) A Heart of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #3)

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal

Publisher: Fated Hearts Publishing

Published: December 25th, 2013

When confronted with Honor’s mortality, Ethan finds his rusty empathic powers are no match for the damage already done to Honor’s heart – if she doesn’t find a donor, Honor will die.

In the third and final book of The Honor Trilogy, Honor is fighting for her life, while Ethan and Storm are fighting to keep her alive. But even if a heart donor is found before Honor’s heart gives out, Ethan’s worst fear has come true – the government has been made aware of Honor’s healing abilities and they’ve now come to take her away.

Both Ethan and Storm have to make a sacrifice to save Honor from both her fates, but who will make the ultimate sacrifice?


About the Author:

unnamed (2)J.P. Grider (1966 – ) born in Paterson, New Jersey as Julianne Pellegrino, was raised in Haledon, New Jersey, the oldest of six siblings. Her love of writing started early in her childhood, when she started writing poetry in-between homework assignments. As part of a school work program as a Journalism major in High School, J.P. Grider worked as a freelance reporter for a local newspaper, writing feature stories about exceptional high-school classmates. She studied Television Production and Film Writing at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Two of J.P. Grider’s novels have won awards in the Textnovel Writing Contest, with her first published book – Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star) – reaching Semi-finalist position. Though Unplugged is not her first novel written, it is the first to be published. Her second novel, Maybe This Life, published in 2012, was actually her first attempt at writing a novel. After completing the whole manuscript, Grider decided to scrap the whole thing and rewrite Maybe This Life from scratch. In Grider’s opinion, the difference between the two was night and day.

After writing in the Contemporary Romance genre, J.P. wanted to try her hand at the Young Adult Romance genre – the result, The Honor Trilogy.

Always looking to challenge herself, J.P. Grider is now working on writing in the New Adult Romance genre with a novel called Calling California which should release in the Fall of 2014.




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Review Tour:  Indigo Incite by Jacinda Buchmann
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November 18, 2013 posted by Nichole

Review Tour: Indigo Incite by Jacinda Buchmann

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Indigo Incite Final

Indigo Incite (The Indigo Trilogy: Book 1) by Jacinda Buchmann

Published May, 2013

Genres: YA paranormal/romance


There are no secrets

Sixteen-year-old Tyler believed that his extra-sensory powers were a secret, but when his twin brother, Toby, is kidnapped by a covert government agency, he realizes that he has no secrets, and he has nowhere to hide.

He’s not alone

Now, to save himself and rescue his brother, Tyler must call upon the help of four strangers. Unknown to each other, Eddie, Liliana, Grace, and Sarah share a common bond. They are Indigo Children. With extra-sensory powers of their own, they must unite with Tyler in order to maintain their freedom.

Unexpected romance

They’re on the run. They’re on a mission. Romance is a distraction that Tyler can’t afford. But sometimes, the heart has a mind of its own.

Time is running out

Will they find Toby before the agency finds them first? Find out in Indigo Incite, Book One of the Indigo Trilogy.


About the Author:

IMG_1393-2(1)Jacinda Buchmann lives in Arizona with her husband and three children. She graduated from Carroll College, in Helena, Montana, with a B.A. in elementary education and later received a Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University, in school counseling. After spending several years as a teacher and later a school counselor, she now spends her time writing, any free chance she can get, that is, when she’s not spending time with her family or creating a new concoction in the kitchen.








The Tour:

unnamed (3)


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Book Blitz Sign Ups: In All Places by Misty Moncur
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November 14, 2013 posted by Nichole

Book Blitz Sign Ups: In All Places by Misty Moncur

in all places misty moncur


a1079271_10151741955532430_78762317_nIn All Places by Misty Moncur

To be released on December 10th, 2013


After defeating their enemy at Manti, the Ammonite warriors are free to return home. But for Keturah, returning home means putting her weapons down and leaving the warriors she has come love. She misses Reb’s stupid jokes and even the hard, awful work of being a soldier.

But fighting Lamanites on the battlefield was easy compared to returning to the life of a village girl. She wants to honor her family’s wishes and marry Zeke, but honor will come at a steep price.

Zeke might have won Ket’s loyalty with his blood on the battlefield, but he knows he hasn’t won her heart. He’s tired of trying to make her love him, and for Zeke, loyalty just isn’t enough.

Gideon knows Keturah is practically betrothed to someone else. He thought he was prepared to take her home to Melek and leave her there, but that was before he let himself kiss her in front of the entire village.

Whether Keturah is at home or on the battlefield, there are still battles left to fight—the battles in her heart.

Fall in love with Misty Moncur’s stripling warriors, who come alive against her vivid Ancient American backdrop. An intriguing blend of adventure and romance, In All Places is the unforgettable conclusion to her Daughter of Helaman trilogy.


About the Author:

4763987Between working and raising a family, Misty fits in writing like other people fit in breathing. Misty writes in the Romance, Young Adult, and Religious genres. She lives in Utah with her husband, her Wii-addicted son, and her curly-haired daughter. They spend a great deal of time laughing and the rest of it eating pizza.
Book reviews on







The Tour:

in all places misty moncur




We are scheduling a 1 day Book Blitz for In All Places by Misty Moncur. The Blitz will happen on December 16th. Promo material will be sent to tour hosts. There will also be a giveaway for tour hosts to feature with their posts.


An email with all the final Blitz material and information will be sent out on December 12th.


Note to tour hosts: Book Blitz’s do not have to be your top post of the day*




Blog Tour: Out for Blood by R. Barri Flowers
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November 8, 2013 posted by Nichole

Blog Tour: Out for Blood by R. Barri Flowers

out for blood r barri flower


Out For Blood_cover_smallFrom R. Barri Flowers, the bestselling author of the young adult vampire novel, COUNT DRACULA’S TEENAGE DAUGHTER, comes book two in the exciting Transylvanica High series, OUT FOR BLOOD.

Sixteen-year-old honor student Kula Lockhart is in her second year at Transylvanica High School in Harbor Heights, Michigan. It is one of several integrated pilot schools across the country where human and vampire students peacefully coexist.

Kula recently learned that she is the half human, half vampire daughter of Count Dracula. This has made her a target for those who hate her powerful Dad and vamps in general.

As she comes to terms with her heritage and newfound abilities, things begin to heat up between Kula and her mortal boyfriend, Eriq Pratt. She also has her vamp guardians Ivan and Amelia, as well as several human and vampire friends, to balance her evolving life and times.

When Kula suddenly finds herself being pursued by a new handsome half vamp at school, Sebastian LeBlanc, she is strangely drawn to him, even if her heart belongs to Eriq. Yet Kula can’t help but wonder if it is more than coincidence that Sebastian just happened to arrive in town at around the same time that a vampire or vampires began killing humans. Could Sebastian be behind these vicious attacks?

Another new vampire, Gabryela Roswell, befriends Kula, but has a hidden agenda.

In the meantime, Kula has competition from an attractive human girl, Yvonne Elwood, who has her eye on Eriq. She also has to deal with the gorgeous and mean-spirited cheerleader vamp, Jacquelyn Brossard, a member of the rival Doerzic clan.

As Kula grapples with these issues and the changes in her life, she tries to learn more about her mother, who died in childbirth, from the only person who can give her answers–her dad, Count Dracula.

Fans of popular teen vampire and paranormal fiction series such as Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Vampire Academy will love OUT FOR BLOOD in this captivating series.

Now in print, eBook, and audio. Buy it today!

Also, look for other bestselling young adult novels by R. Barri Flowers, including TEEN GHOST AT DEAD LAKE, GHOST GIRL IN SHADOW BAY, DANGER IN TIME, and CHRISTMAS WISHES: Laura’s Story.


About the Author:


243489R. Barri Flowers is an award winning criminologist and bestselling author of crime and thriller fiction, crime nonfiction and true crime, relationship novels, and young adult mysteries.




The author is a member of the American Crime Writers League, International Thriller Writers, Kiss of Death, Mystery Writers of America, and Sisters in Crime.


The Tour:

out for blood r barri flower


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